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The rest of chapter 1

Yup. The rest of it. Short'n'sweet.


Sol was sitting in his father’s throne chair, looking at the engagement ring he purchased for Priscilla. He held the box in his hand, imagining her surprise to see what a gorgeous ring it was. In terms of rings, it was truly nothing extraordinary. The band was made of pure gold, and the large diamond was cut into a floral shape. However, to a man in love, a ring like this seemed like the most perfect thing he could ever give the woman of his dreams. Sol smiled, daydreaming a little bit about the future and wondering about the children that Priscilla will bear him.

The artist came into the room at that time, and he began setting up. Sol left him to do his own business. Rutherford walked into the room shortly after and kneeled beside Sol’s chair.

“Hello, Sol,”

“Good morning, Rutherford. What brings you in here?”

“No reason. I am quite bored. Justin is on a training mission with a lot of the soldiers,”

“I see. So you have decided to come bother me,” Sol smiled and ruffled his hair. Rutherford grinned.

“You got that right. Father was just telling me about the great hero Oxen. Do you know, Sol? Oxen was my favorite story as a child. Oxen rebelled against a tyrannical king who fed off the flesh of children! The king was slain by Oxen’s great rhinoceros sword that came from the jungle!”

“Rutherford. . .” Sol looked bored. “I have done research on Oxen,”

“Yes, so has Father,” Rutherford grumbled. “He told me that the king was discovered recently not to have eaten the flesh of children. It sort of makes the king look better.”

“There is more to it than that, Rutherford,” Sol smirked.


“Yes. I have studied quite extensively about Oxen in my history classes. To begin with, we have lived in seclusion from other continents for thousands of years. The story takes place more than four hundred years ago in Peradasia. It is not likely that he ever had such a sword like the rhinoceros sword that comes from the jungle. We have not had an actual jungle ever since our kingdoms developed. There are no other artifacts from the days before kingdoms, so what are the odds the only supposed artifact left is a sword made from the horn of a rhinoceros? Secondly, Oxen did not solo the revolution. He had the backing of hundreds of peasants. He did not do much fighting. It very unlikely he even ever encountered the tyrannical king,”

“Stop, stop, stop,” Rutherford grumbled. “I get your point.”

“Oxen was not much of a hero, he was just a man lucky enough to have his name remembered. Because his name was distinct, he was chosen as the new king of Peradasia,”

“It’s historians and researchers that ruin our tales of heroes that we worship as children,”

“We do not have heroes, then,”

“I suppose you are right,” Rutherford frowned. “We have no heroes. Only kings. How depressing. I will never spoil my children’s fun, like you spoil mine.” Rutherford smiled. Sol rolled his eyes.

“How very childish of you. I will not lie to my children like that,” Sol said. Rutherford looked at him quietly then turned away from Sol.

“Then your children shall never experience a wondrous childhood of adventure and dreams,”

“If your idea of childhood is praising glorified men, then yes, my children will be adults when they are born,”

“You are such a dull man, Sol. Have some fun in your life,”

“I have Priscilla. That is all the fun I will need. Please, do not take that statement wrongly,”

“Oh, I will not take it in a less than pure manner,” Rutherford rose to his feet and left the throne room angrily. Along the way back to his room, he passed Priscilla and the chambermaids assisting her. He bowed to them then watched them walk down the hallway. He was stunned by how beautiful his brother’s fiancee was. Rutherford’s thoughts slowly ran back to the conversation that he had with Sol. Then his thoughts went further back to when he was speaking with his father. Perhaps Maximillian had some truth in his words. Perhaps.
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