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Losing Sight of the Desert - 003

A bit short (only 1000 something words) but I'm sure all of you want to know what happens next, so... :3

The rescue team took longer than Kenton would have liked. While he waited, he sat by the well the whole time, trying to make conversation with the individual to make sure he was okay. "What was your name?"


"Where do you come from? Are you from the East?"

"No, the S-South... I've ne'er bin East."

"What, the South? Never been there. How far have you traveled? Do you remember how you got down there?"

"No, Sir, I woke up an' I-I was h-here..."

Kenton noticed something in the man's voice - an accent he had never heard. At times it was almost difficult to understand him. And many things confused him about the situation. The man kept talking about salt water... What salt water? What does that mean? And how could he be so far East? He said he had never been there. Had someone thrown him down this well, or had he tripped? He couldn't remember anything, it seemed. At least, that's what he inferred. His dialect seemed to be a barrier to their conversation. After a long time, Kenton could only comfort the man and tell him to hang on, that people were coming, that he would be saved. "You have to hold onto something until then - don't let go!"

"Sir, I can't... there's nothin' to hold onta. The walls' too steep, an' my fingers are numb..."

Kenton frowned. How could he be staying above the water then? Was there some sort of bottom he was standing on?

Before he could inquire any further, he heard shouts from the main trail. Andra was calling! "Kenton! Kenton, where are you?!"

Kenton beckoned the two to where he stood by the wells, and directed them around the pools of water. They had come equipped with as many ropes as they could carry, and two buckets each. Kenton had no need for many buckets, however. His first plan to rescue Danya was to lower the bucket into the water and have him hold on. They would be able to lift him up altogether. Unfortunately this effort turned out to be fruitless - Danya's muscles and hands were so fatigued from the cold water that he could not grab onto the bucket or the ropes properly, and would slip before they could pull him up two inches. He tried to lay across the bucket with his shoulders and waist and hold on then, but this turned out to be a bad idea as well, since they could not balance his weight while pulling him up. After many frustrating tries and cries back and forth among the four, Andra came up with an idea.

"Quick! Take the ropes and tie them together - not all together. Tie... um... how long down do you think he is?"

"A little while down, maybe ten yatre," Maeron said. "At least, with what we've been using to drop down the bucket."

"Okay, then... tie the two ropes together. And then we'll tie the other two together and form two chains... they don't have to be perfectly even, just enough to get down there. Then... here, we'll drop this one down and he'll lie on it - on his back, and we'll take the other one and have him put his feet up on it, and we'll pull him up - that way we won't have to rely on his body strength!"

"It won't work;" Kenton sighed. "He'll drown, Andra! No one can float."

"We have to try, at least! If it doesn't work then he'll know it and won't risk it, right?"

The three finally agreed. After struggling with secure knots, Kenton and Andra lowered down the first rope. Danya listened to their instruction and lie on his back on the rope, his arms slung over it and trying to hold on as best they could. Maeron dropped the other rope loop down and he lifted his feet over it, pulling the rope under his knees and behind his back - but not too far up. Once everyone thought his weight was balanced, they slowly began to pull Danya up. Slowly the ropes went up, and slowly the man was pulled from what was sure to be his watery grave. After he was close enough to the surface, the three lugged the roped over to the side and pulled him to his feet. Danya staggered for a while, unable to keep his balance. He was shaking horribly. Andra gave a shocked gasp. "He's so pale...!"

Kenton pulled his cloak from around his shoulders and wrapped the man up. Looking at Danya, he could not disagree - he was practically blue! He had never seen such an ashen figure - not even from Artemus, who ran away from the sun as if it were a plague. Danya looked to be a very scrawny, shaky figure, but he looked young - couldn't be older than twenty. His lips were purple, his eyes were sunken and deep rings appeared from under them. No doubt from being in the water for so long. Kenton could not help but feel stunned at the rest of his features - his eyes were surprisingly vibrant, a shade of color he had never laid eyes upon. They were purple - almost red in a way - and reminded him of the sky when the sun sets. His hair was a sandy brown - golden, but not pale, like the sun's reflections. And yet, it almost looked as if he had never seen light. Kenton began to worry, but kept his cool. "All right... Danya, you said your name was? You said you came from the South?"

"Y-Yes Sir. That I ahm. Where are y'from?"

"The West. I don't believe I've ever been South - is it nice?"

"Sure is. But how can y'be South and never see it?"

Kenton frowned. "How can you be so far in the East and claim to have never seen it?"

Danya looked a bit shocked. His eyebrows furrowed in confusion "Parduhn me? Am... am I not in the South ‘nymore?"

"I'm afraid you're a bit far from there. This is the path East."

The man started to panic. "No... no, that can't be right! Where am I? Where am I?! " He stood up quickly and began to run, though it was obvious he didn't know where he was heading.

"No!" Kenton grabbed his arm and pulled him back. "Listen, don't push yourself. Let's get you out to the sun. You'll feel a bit more oriented."

"Go ahead without us," Andra chimed. "We'll be a little bit. I think everyone will appreciate a nice drink of cool water, don't you? Maeron, help me with the buckets..."

"So that's why you brought so many," Maeron muttered.
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